Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love and Other Drugs

Ah. I was going to write this fabulous post about the New Year and how great it was going to be (and it is!) but then I went & watched the movie Love and Other Drugs and I had to do a post on that instead. Great movie for us sickies. Apparently we can be insecure about finding a mate because of our illness and still find our very own Jake Gyllenhal! lol.

No really. I really liked the movie, not at all the silly, contrived romantic comedy I was expecting. (Not that those aren't fun, but thank goodness I didn't go see that one for my b-day with either of my parents, lol! On the other hand, it was also very comforting to see such an array of natural breasts, it turns out they really do exist, even in Hollywood!)

But my point was, it touched on some very real issues for those with chronic illness, a good reminder of what I keep reminding myself: that there is someone out there for everyone... A nice thing to keep in mind when the only guys to show any interest in you in the past year have been the plumber and the cable guy, lol! No, but seriously. When you're sick enough to where your life has been transformed by becomes a very tricky, possibly overwhelming, nerve-wracking experience, unless you're fabulously well-adjusted, which is why I've given it up altogether...for the moment. (To pre-empt my next post, I'm convinced this year will be fabulous, and I will begin to regain my life, happiness, and at least some of my health! Yay 2011!!)

I hesitate to say it's a lack of self-confidence; true insecurity in oneself. I think most of us deep down believe we are pretty fabulous and have SOMETHING to offer, and that the right person will see that; it's just that the harsh reality IS that being with a sick person is not as easy as being with a healthy one. Hell, it's not even easy being the sick person in a relationship, because we have to try extra hard at everything, and there's always going to be a bit of guilt, more than likely...but life is always going to be complicated, and there are never any guarantees, even for the healthy... Love is a very strange thing, and there are always going to be people out there that will amaze you, transcendent, amazing people who see what is invisible to the naked eye. Yes, I'm a cheesy, hopeless romantic, so sue me! :D