Sunday, May 20, 2012

Need Supplements? Great Deal!

Hi all! As you probably know, I am a BIG fan of supplements. I really don't know where I'd be without my supplements. My allergies would be COMPLETELY out of control without them, for one. My tummy, a disaster -- I'd probably have stopped eating just to avoid the discomfort. Not to mention the other culprits like inflammation, hormonal disturbances...Lately, I've even found that simple vitamins do have a noticeable effect on my immune system.

So, if you love your supplements as much as I do, I thought I'd share this link to Vitacost's website.
I  used to refuse to buy supplements online (well, partly for budgetary reasons) mainly because I used to live near a great nutrition store with great prices, and family and doctors to see out there still, I would hold on until I went out there. That is, until I realized I could get airlines miles for shopping online AND this store has great prices & deals too, plus shipping is free if the order is over $49.
(They also have, health food, holistic beauty, and just about anything you could want to buy that's good for you...and then some!)

Also, if you're a big fan of the Garden of Life supplement line (which I am! Their probiotics & enzymes are like no others!) then check out the special below. FREE MULTIVITAMINS!
But don't forget to click on the link above first and register so we can both get our $10 credits!

Oh, and you can also get free samples with each order, the link is at the bottom of their site.

Hope this doesn't sound to advertise-y, but I sincerely think it's a win-win proposition!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Niacin for Anxiety? Who knew!

Niacin's Benzodiazepine-like Properties, a Case Study

Too good not to share. Right now I'm taking GABA because I've recently developed severe general anxiety so bad I couldn't even deal (who wouldn't, living like I have been for the past several years! And especially the last one!) and it works great, but it still weirds me out a little, because I don't quite know how it works (not that I'm not super thankful that it does, and WELL) though I did read about it at some point, and I'm not sure anyone does completely, since it's just a supplement... (But then how many drugs go on the market every day without enough testing or with faked/biased studies supporting them? I'd say the gamble's about the same!)

So yeah, I'd way rather take Niacin. (Fits in as part of Dr. Myhill's Mitochondrial Energy dealio, too, only thing I'm missing is the D-Ribose, which I think gives me tachycardia anyhow.) The only question would be, what effect will Niacinamide have on my orthostatic hypotension/blood pressure? I was taking it to see if it'd help my energy a couple of weeks back, and I seem to remember being really sleepy during that time, and sleeping well at night! Nice! What a luxury a good night's sleep seems to be lately...Heavenly... Love hearing about stuff like this, imagine, simple cheap vitamins we need anyhow instead of addictive drugs! I feel like we're making great strides in that area. Good job researchers! Now if we could just get them to stop with the stupid names for crappy illnesses, like our fav, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, and the one I learned today, Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome. Not sure which sounds worse! (I mean, seriously? THAT'S what you want to call something that makes you feel like you're suffocating only you apparently are getting oxygen but can't use it (last post, first link) so you feel like you must either be dying or going crazy?) Okay, sorry for the rant. It's late, and I'm exhausted from filling out forms for Medicaid to see if I can get help cleaning this place cuz I can't manage much of anything lately...I think that's been one of the most annoying things about being sick and broke-- all the damned forms one has to fill out just to get help you need to get by, jeez! I so hope they approve me...probably help my case, AND then I will still have some health coverage if/when I have to move out of this county and lose my county medical program coverage...Fingers crossed....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Product Curiosity: EMS Unit

Man, if I keep spending so much time in bed I'm seriously thinking of trying one of these Electric Muscle Stim Units! (Before I realized this shoulder/arm/hand thing was probably a pinched nerve deal, I was freaking out a little over not being able to exercise because I was having such a hard time holding my torso up, and my knees are threatening to re-emerge into their -thankfully- long-at-bay tendency towards tendonitis, ickh.) Nifty little thing, huh?

EMS Muscle Toner

Study from the National Institute of Health Supports EMS as Exercising Muscles

New Names for Old Symptoms: Hypocapnia

Recently, as I may have mentioned, I had yet another round of blood tests done. This time, the only abnormality was a new one: Low Carbon Dioxide. "Seriously? I thought, Low Carbon Dioxide? What's that even supposed to mean?" (Besides making me feel a little crazy, because if anything, I tend to feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen...actually, that's a huge one when I'm really run down, for example, the last times I worked. And it's being bugging me a little lately, I've been doing the sighing thing you'll read about below again lately.) The doctor didn't even mention it, so I decided I'd Google it later to see if it mattered, or, if as happens often, it just slipped her mind. Well, it's been a crazy month, so it took awhile, kept slipping MY mind.

The other night I finally did, and was surprised to find these articles:
Hypocapnia (Low Carbon Dioxide in Blood)

 and here's a second one: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Causes & Treatments
 and a third:Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome (apparently it's a real thing! Although like the author of the first link, who can bear another "syndrome" being added to their list?)

What amazes me, is that I'd never heard of this before! Especially since I tried to figure out what it was, but it seemed so bizarre, because I would feel like I was suffocating to the point where I thought I was forgetting to breathe, was yawning & sighing like crazy, and felt SO weak I actually looked up TB to check the symptoms of the infamous Consumption to make sure I didn't have it, because all I knew was I felt like I wasn't getting enough air, and like I was dying. I even begged my Dad to hook me up with an oxygen tank from his work! (He wouldn't/couldn't, but in his usual fashion, kept saying he'd look into it. While I sat around suffocating.) Some doctors would tell me it was asthma, and then I started going to the ER, and they would tell me my oxygen levels were great!(Asthma seems okay now that I take an anti-histamine daily, but the Hypocapnia still acts up.) You'll have to see the links for the full articles, but here are some of the symptoms, and yes, they do echo those of POTS...

  • shortness of breath for no apparent reason
  • frequent sighing or yawning
  • chest pains
  • heart palpitations
  • sweating
  • syncope (fainting)
  • dizziness
  • trembling
  • slurred speech
  • cold, tingling, or numb lips or extremities
  • nausea or irritable bowel syndrome
  • aching muscles or joints, or tremors
  • tiredness, unsteadiness, or diffuse weakness
  • restless sleep, insomnia, or nightmares
  • sexual problems
  • anxiety or phobias
  • fear that perhaps you're a hypochondriac
  • dry mouth
  • pressure in throat or difficulty swallowing
  • bloating, belching, flatulence, or abdominal pain
  • impaired memory or concentration
  • confusion / disorientation
  • tinnitis (ringing in ears)
  • headaches
  • blurred vision, tunnel vision, double vision, or flashing lights
  • tachycardia (rapid pulse)
  • depression
  • erratic blood pressure
Hope you find it interesting.  In other news, my day has been pretty miserable. Seems like I may have another or worsened my existing entrapped nerve. Hardcore weakness in my shoulders, my arms feel too heavy to be attached to them, all spazzy, weak, & uncomfortable. Been lying with my arms extended on pillows, Jesus-style, most of the day. Went to an eye exam and was told my corneas are not happy campers, felt okay for like 15 minutes, then had to rest on the way home. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to L.A. for an H2O2 treatment...Hey, I guess it REALLY makes sense why the H2O2
made me feel so fabulous in the past...fingers crossed this goes better than the C or Myer's Cocktail or whatever I had last week... Well off to quit abusing my appendages, maybe meditate some and nap... Gotta build myself up for that drive, now that I think of the Hydrogen Peroxide as it relates to the Hypocapnia, I want it more than ever...So tired lately, can't seem to get enough rest, and there's so much to be done, haven't even begun to start having things packed...I'm dying to be out of my housing situation, but not dying to go give up the tranquility, foster kitties, & space here. Think good thoughts for me please...